Blisters: the most common problem for ultra-endurance runners

Blisters are the most common dermatologic problem with ultra-endurance runners. (1)  The majority of ultra-runners will likely develop blisters when running a race of greater than one-day in duration. (2)  The incidence, localization, and pain scores often contribute to and potentially impact, their overall performance; therefore, any measure taken to minimize the impact is important. The gap in treatment options for endurance runners and triathletes who suffer complications from foot-related blisters and sores to date, has been a problem. (3)

George runningGeorge Phillips is a 40-year-old male extreme endurance runner.  He suffers from severe foot blisters and post-race complications due to delayed healing of friction-related wounds.

"Before using DuraDerm SPORT, there wasn't an option that worked for me; applying Neosporin with a bandage was a very cumbersome process," said George. I was looking for a new product that could help serve as a protective barrier that I could use at the start of a first sign of a blister and throughout my training to help prevent and reduce the incidence. You train so hard for these races and it is a shame to not be able to complete a race due to a blister. DuraDerm SPORT is easy to apply, and there isn't a need for additional bandages or wraps.”.

George applied DuraDerm SPORT throughout the 100-mile race over sealed blisters, sores, and even toenails. "It was great because it formed an instant film and stayed on during wet conditions.  Applying DuraDerm SPORT was very efficient and effective versus other products I have tried. The ease of use allowed me to use it at the first sign of friction.”

Blisters are often more painful toward the end of the race, and those on the sole and heel tend to be the most painful. For George, using DuraDerm SPORT throughout the race turned out to be very beneficial. "By using DuraDerm SPORT throughout the 100 miles, I finished the race without pain and felt significantly less discomfort compared to my previous races."

Of note, the long-term effects of the product served to help, as well. This race was the first in which George had no infections. DuraDerm SPORT also served to accelerate the healing of any blisters or sores he had post-race, leading to a quicker enhanced quality of life.

"I had a tremendous amount of success with the product during training, during the race and post-race so it makes sense for me to use it throughout the process in order to protect my most significant asset, my feet."

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